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TRACK OF THE DAY: Lostboycrow – ‘Where It All Goes’

Californians are honoured a near perfect 365 days of sunshine, endless stretches of coastline and hiking trails. So, when a dilemma rears and trouble comes your way but all around you seems in order, where do you find solace? Music, of course. Lostboycrow practises this way of release particularly well on the nostalgic slow-burn of new single, ‘Where It All Goes’.

We catch LBC in an unusually vulnerable moment, delivering the song in a stream-of-consciousness-like narrative where he’s fighting to retrace the steps of an old friend. The production is bright, and still very much electronically-minded and pop centric, yet an air of uncertainty skips around a mournful vocal from LBC. This feeling of unshakeable loss is what brings the track back down to Earth, with emphasis falling on the refrain: “If everything I felt is real / Does it ever really, ever go away? … Cause I’m sick of searching through the sadness like there’s nothing on the radio.” 

We all at some point are left searching for these unattainable answers, it’s what makes us human after all – the honest truth that we don’t know everything and that we’re all still learning each and every day. But for now, sit back and let Lostboycrow take you on a little journey.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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