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Otherkin are all over the festival circuit this summer, playing some of the best outdoor arenas around the world. Shirts will be off, on and off-stage, along with the raucous energy that the band command, there will never a dull moment with these Dublin boys around. The release of their new EP ‘The New Vice’ pre-empts those messy festival sets and is sure to be a favourite on all those summer playlists. Now the time of Otherkin is here.

Otherkin’s bassist David Anthony talks us through the new EP, travelling to new places and the band’s first live show, plus a notable mention to songbird Dua Lipa.

This summer see’s you playing all over the place, and it features some first’s for you too with debut shows in France, Germany and Austria. How does it feel to be asked to go and play music in countries outside of your home country?

“We’ve been lucky enough to have done our fair share of travelling already this year, having played some shows in Russia, the UK and the Netherlands. It’s always great playing your first show in a country, and seeing how the locals react and your fanbase builds from that point onwards. We’re looking forward to playing our first gigs in Germany, France, Czech and Austria this summer.”

You’ve played festivals before and I’m sure you’ve all attended your own fair share previously too, do you have any survival tips for all the festival go-ers out there?

“Talcum powder and dioralyte.”

I hear that your first show together was a house party. How was that? Kinda throws you in the deep end straight away in an intimate setting…

“Yeah, it was a total shit show, really messy and really fun. It’s been pretty much the same ever since.”

Ireland, from our side as on-lookers, seems to be bursting with great new bands and artists at the minute, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s feeling the fever of hype over there. What’s the feeling from inside the scene – do you feel like there’s been a resurgence of great new music coming out of Ireland recently?

“It’s awesome to see so many Irish acts getting worldwide attention like Girl Band, Kodaline and Hozier as they’re laying the foundation for cheeky pups like ourselves. There’s a great local music scene in Dublin too, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to gigs.”

You recently covered Dua Lipa’s ‘Be the One’ – a massive pop song. A somewhat surprising choice, what made you choose that song to cover in particularly?

“Our guitarist really fancies her and wanted to somehow get her attention, we love you Dua Lipa xx”

I know having witnessed your live show myself, it’s pretty fast paced and visceral. Basically, it’s a lot of fun and totally won me over. But who were the performers that inspired you when you were growing up?

“We come from different musical backgrounds, for example our drummer grew up playing in bands in the Irish hardcore punk scene and that’s been a good reference point for our live show.”

Your new EP ‘The New Vice’ is coming real soon. How did you want this EP to move on from your last ‘The 201’?

“With songs like our new single ‘Yeah, I Know’ we’re able to showcase a more dark and intense side to the band while still showing we’re all about the party songs with the likes of ‘Howling’ and ‘White Heat’.”

I read that a lot of the main ideas for ‘White Heat’, off the new EP, came to Luke when he was at work on the self-scan checkouts. Does that happen often – song ideas coming to you out of the blue in random situations?

“Everyone in the band has a habit of singing into their phones, be it waking up in the middle of the night, or like Luke just hanging out in the shop… all of our best ideas ended up being hummed into the trusty iPhone.”

If you could sit down in a room and talk to one of your heroes about anything in the world. Who would that be and how would it go down?

“Prince was supposed to be an absolute madman, so that’d be rad! I’d imagine the conversation would be based around shredding and cute chicks xx”

What’s the ultimate goal for Otherkin – the sky’s the limit?

“World domination baby xx”

‘The New Vice’ EP is out 17th June, via Rubyworks.

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