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TRACK OF THE DAY: St. Tropez – ‘I Wanna Live In St. Tropez’

With Summer well and truly on its way, Amsterdam four-piece St. Tropez have graced us with the perfect sun-drenched tune to see the season through. ‘I Wanna Live In St. Tropez’ is an angst riddled, apathetic scream in the face of vapid pop music, and a yearn for the sunny skies of Southern France.

The screeching intro makes way for a more subdued verse, a back and forth about the lack of real-deal musicians left in the industry. The Ramones-esque chorus begs to be shouted from the bow of an overpriced yacht, until its confusingly warped closing lines. The final space at the end of this all-too-short single is saved rightly so for a hyperactive guitar solo, bringing the song to a sudden halt, leaving the listener gasping for more.

‘I Wanna Live In St. Tropez’ announces the release date of the band’s self-titled album on 26th August 2016. With a host of infectious singles under their belts it’ll be a long and anxious wait for what’s bound to be an essential Summer album.

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