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TRACK OF THE DAY: Grymm – ‘Dream Of You’

Brighton’s arsenal of indie-rockers seems to be ever growing, and with the rise of ferocious four-piece Grymm, it would be naive to underestimate the power of this south-coast town’s musical artillery.

If you thought their debut single ‘Jurassic’ was anything to be excited about, you may want to sit tight for ‘Dream Of You’. Like a cloud of poisonous gas, Morgan Jones’ voice fills the air with a sense of intoxicating dread; something heavy is coming, and it’s coming fast. Once the track hits its peak, there’s nowhere to hide from the abrasive lead guitar that sits over the pounding bass faultlessly.

By the final refrain you’re left wondering whether you can handle any more, and equally craving every second of the track to repeat indefinitely. Whichever it is, you can’t deny that Grymm have stirred something energising from deep within. This battle is well and truly won.

Photo Credit: Luke Bateman Photo

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