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TRACK OF THE DAY: Fling – ‘Magical’

Peering out of my London window at a quiet street basked in the warm dusk light, it feels I’m in exactly the right place to be listening to FLING’s sitar infused sunny-psych single ‘Magical’.

Rolling rhythms, a plethora of sonically appealing instruments and Screamadelica influenced la-la-la’s create a flowery bed in which to cocoon yourself, slowly bobbing your head to the Bradford lad’s serenading.

Hope to hear much more from these upstarts across the length of our (hopefully) Indian summer. Lose yourself to the soft caress of ‘Magical’ below:

As well as the tunes, these boys have got the threads, releasing a different T-shirt for each track from their forthcoming EP. Check out the Magical T’s here.

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