ALBUM REVIEW: Star Parks – ‘Don’t Dwell’

Star Park’s ‘Don’t Dwell’ is a gloriously hazy – undeniably 70’s – endearingly bittersweet masterpiece. It is romantic in the truest sense of the word. Its nine tracks all hum heavily with a sort of ethereal fuzz, and each boast their own wonderful rustic charm. I am absolutely attached. I needed this in my life. Thank you Apollo, God of music and truth.

Where to begin?

The album is inspired by Leonard Cohen, Bill Fay, and Harry Nilsson, but upon listen you can also hear the welcoming rural tones of Band Of Horses, the surf/slacker stylings of The Beach Boys, and the ingenious songwriting style of The Beatles.

Whilst ‘Don’t Dwell’ is consistently wonderful, it certainly has it’s stand-out moments. ‘Loose Ends’ effortlessly bounds from sparse and melancholic sections which are intimate and timid, to a chorus which is outrageously theatrical and upbeat. Title track ‘Don’t Dwell’, with its soft vocals low in the mix, swings with a sheer fragility which leaves you hanging on every word. The bittersweet ‘Nobody Comes Here (And Nobody Leaves)’ and lead single ‘Theoretical Girls’ are also particular favourites of mine.

‘Don’t Dwell’ is brilliant in composition. It is piano-heavy, the drums coolly play with a bop & jazz style, and its dreamlike harmonies soar wonderfully above all else. I love the lyrics, too. The cheeky elements of songs like ‘Egotists’ (which opens with “I like your girlfriend / I’m going to do what I can to make her mine”) are underlined by the horns, whereas the sensitivity in lyrics from other tracks, such as “and I curse the day that we met…”, “…and I don’t want to be lonely” are mirrored perfectly in the melancholy of the music.

I’m not going to lie, I am absolutely in love with this album. Each listen seems to uncover new secrets and expose new levels. With each play comes a deeper understanding. Star Parks have a sound which is weird, but not alienating. Melancholy yet upbeat. Beautiful and delicate, yet honest and true. Listen to this album whilst gazing upon pastel skies, and feel at home.

‘Don’t Dwell’ is out now on Paper Trail Records. Purchase the record on Bandcamp here.

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George Rowan
Press assistant for Amazing Record Co., occasional writer and drummer.

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