LIVE REVIEW: SKATERS at Night & Day Cafe, Manchester

Skaters’ debut album Manhattan has become something of a cult classic amongst the indie and alternative community, and rightly so. Full of tight, concise and extremely fun songs, the record was a perfect groundworks from which the band could really go anywhere on their next project. As it turns out, the band have gone for a more rough-around-the-edges, surf punk feel on their newer material, much of which they played at Night & Day Café, their first foray into Manchester since they last visited the country.

This rough, more aggressive approach for album two was reflected in the band’s performance. The material, even that from Manhattan, had far more of a bite to it; it was far more ramshackle and edgy compared to the glossiness of their earlier performances. Miss Teen Massachusetts and Schemers worked particularly well backed by this new fury, as did new track The Loner. The band were evidently making an effort, arriving in matching Rock n’ Roll Bye Bye  jackets, and launching into their set with nothing as predictable and formulaic as an introduction; if you were there, you knew who you were there for, no mistake.

Unfortunately for the band, they were given a tough slot. Sunday night in a student town was never going to result in a packed out venue, especially during the dreaded exam period. As a result, at times it felt like an uphill battle to create a vibe in Night & Day Café. However, the band worked their audience, and were largely successful in stimulating a positive reaction.

Regardless of the lacking momentum, the band still played brilliantly, keeping things tight, concise, and downright rocking. They deserved a more fulsome crowd, but they played with the tough cards they were dealt, and still came out winning.

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