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TRACK OF THE DAY: Billie Marten – ‘Milk & Honey’

It’s always a good day when we receive new music from Yorkshire teenager, Billie Marten and this time is no exception. While the title of her new single may suggest a raiding of the kitchen’s larder, here we find Marten overturning much deeper thoughts than ever before. ‘Milk & Honey’, as she explains is “a song about the greed of people [and how] we’re all sort of stuck in this consumerist frame of mind.”

Her words are spun into poetic observations, ‘milk’ and ‘honey’ in this context symbolise the gluttony of a culture that continually wants more and more, one that is never satisfied until the well has run dry. The song represents a brave moment of clarity, but aside from this potent message is Marten’s gorgeous, never brittle but always delicate, voice and a sweeping instrumental that frames her every word.

It is Marten’s wise beyond-her-years talent that will always shine the brightest and ultimately, it is what will keep a listener continually invested in her as a singer and a young songwriter, enough to follow her throughout her career and indeed to those much lauded live shows. 

‘Milk & Honey’ is out now. Buy on iTunes here. Billie Marten will be performing at various festivals this summer, see below for the full list of dates.

Live Dates
Friday 1st July Blissfields, Winchester
Saturday 2nd July Barn on the Farm Festival, Gloucester
Saturday 16th July Latitude Festival, Suffolk
Sunday 17th July Citadel Festival, London
Sunday 24th July Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon
Friday 29th July Standon Calling, Herts
Saturday 30th July Camp Bestival, Dorset
Sunday 31st July Leopallooza Festival, Cornwall
Saturday 10th September Bestival, Isle of Wight

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