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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sara Hartman – ‘Satellite’

Pop has a new rising star and her name is Sara Hartman. She’s already toured with powerhouse Ellie Goulding and is soon to be joining X Ambassadors on their US tour, this May. But first she brings us her brightest pop constellation to date and the title track of her debut EP – ‘Satellite’.

‘Satellite’ shows Hartman at her most defiant and conquering best. Her strong vocal soars as she reaches for a connection, which is only heightened by her pin-sharp honesty. Her powerful message takes the lead on the EP, as she explains that ‘Satellite’ was the spark that led the rest of the songs to form: “It started as a small chain of thought lyrically but then became a kind of anthem for me. [Satellite is] a call to arms disguised as a love song. It made me feel strong in being honest and vulnerable which set a tone for the rest of the record.”

Sara Hartman’s debut EP ‘Satellite’ is out now, via Vertigo. Buy on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Stenglein

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