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TRACK OF THE DAY: Carmody – ‘Skin’

This an exquisite slice of alt-pop from London based singer-songwriter Carmody. With smooth and emotive Aurora-esque vocals leading from the start, the track slowly builds as the ludicrously on point production spirals around the melodic centre point.

SoundCloud comments offer comparisons to Sylvan Esso which I can totally see, and it also gets me thinking of Sorcha Richardson. However it seems wrong to compare the track to too many others, as it has a definite identity and style of its own. Managing to feel both well-worn and fresh at the same time, this is a neat trick which lends a great infectiousness to the song.

Working with Carassius Gold, who has lent his vision to Jack Garratt amongst others, Carmody has delivered a debut single well worthy of the buzz it has so far generated. Looking for tracks these days that hit the emotional nail on the head as clearly as this does is like a wild goose chase. There’s nothing complex about the ‘I can feel you in my skin, can you feel me in your skin?’ title lyrics, but it is probably this simplicity that helps get the message across so purely. As Carmody says: “It’s both beautiful and devastating how people you’ve loved can still feel a part of you long after they’ve gone” – a statement that can resonate with so many people, and a statement that is perfectly delivered in ‘Skin’.

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