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TRACK OF THE DAY: Yellow Days – ‘Little Palace’

Yellow Days defies convention. His compositions drift in and out of formal structures, rather choosing to feel their way, through the yelp’s and calm’s of his disarming vocal call. It’s indie at its most immersive and inventive best, with a soulful twist and the sway of free-form. Not often do we come across such ambition in a young artist, his capacity to compel such raw emotion out of himself that digs further into the crevices of his soul, is what makes him one of a kind. He has much more to say than what appears on the surface, he feels driven to bare all and that’s why Yellow Days is impossible to ignore.

‘Little Palace’ remains straddled in the realms of lo-fi but coupled with brilliant musical sensibilities, vast textures and ambient distilled tones, the track feels far from one-dimensional. Slouching twangs of reverberating guitar remain the centre piece, while hits of snare, cymbals and bass frame a winding low-end, as evocative painted howls enter and fade into the periphery. 

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Charlotte Holroyd
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