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TRACK OF THE DAY: Inevitable Daydream – ‘Gunblade’

London-via-Kent upstarts Inevitable Daydream are making a name for themselves. Already revered in their hometown of Maidstone, the band since re-locating to London have set their sights further afield. And if their latest track is anything to go by, the revolution is imminent. The bloody and charred remains of gnarled refrains and violent feedback make for a uber-visceral statement of monumental proportions on ‘Gunblade’.

This second release represents the symbolic cutting of the apron strings, gone are the training wheels and in their place is a rampant defiance for what came before. ‘Gunblade’ is dirtier, more ravaged and bathed in grunge dissonance than their debut ‘Brown Acid’, but still glimmers of rudimentary nonchalance seep through the ash, as a much appreciated respite from the oppressive noise that engulfs and swallows the whole. What must be acknowledged is Daydream‘s enviable mastery over melodic transitions, as the track expands and builds throughout, leaving no doubts in the mind that Inevitable Daydream are paving their way to much bigger pastures.

The band launch their Blue Thunder club night on Wednesday 4th May at London’s New Cross Inn, for more info and tickets head here. Pre-order ‘Gunblade’ here, released exclusively on Limited Edition Cassette and Digital Download via Sexx Tapes.

For more Inevitable Daydream goodness, head to Facebook and Twitter.

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