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TRACK OF THE DAY: Skeleton Frames – ‘Quicksand’

Torn between Exeter and Bristol, Skeleton Frames are the newcomers that are set to excite those long summer night’s that await, with their mosh-pit approved first single proper ‘Quicksand’.

The cut launches into a Demob Happy style thrash, before guitars ravage what’s left and crashing cymbals rumble outwards with a needling low-end pulling it all together. In true Wolf Alice fashion, Skeleton Frames also bare a softer side beneath the cacophony of their noisy surface which is permeated by singer Emily’s cooling, twisting opening words “Sugar in my tea is like a finger to the eye, Or a no teeth smile.” But it’s the flaying riffs and heavy fuzz that gloriously take this song to another level, instantly lodging the minutiae of spiky dissonance into the brain.

A tale of angst-ridden disillusioned youth, ‘Quicksand’ breaks from the regimented routine it speaks of with its sugary lyrical hooks that are delivered in a wryly seething tone by the vocalist, “Sucking on my cheeks, as I watch the Wicker Man for the nineteenth time.” Free yourself and get weird, tune in below.

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