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TRACK OF THE DAY: Kidsmoke – ‘Heartache’

There’s an emotionally distressed feeling to Kidsmoke’s powerful new single ‘Heartache’. Inevitably, the Wrexham four-piece have layered some glistening melodies over the rolling bass we recognise from February’s ‘Cut Yourself Loose’, but the despairing vocals don’t hold back in casting a cloud of anguish over the song.

It’s refreshing to hear a band branch out and express more than just one emotion through their music, and it’s even more refreshing to hear them do it as well as the Welshmen have done. When a Kidsmoke track would usually bring about images of frolicking through summer fields, ‘Heartache’ desperately runs through the rainy night to win your heart. When this track is released on April 8th, Kidsmoke may have a lot more fans following them into tomorrow…

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