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TRACK OF THE DAY: Tin Foil Astronaut – ‘Never Too Soon’

The country locale of Kent has been instrumental in bringing to our attention some of the most inventive, and vital musical contributions in recent times. Not least today’s band Tin Foil Astronaut, the collective led by Max Taylor defy limitations. Rather they choose to operate in their own dream space, from out of which their new single ‘Never Too Soon’ was born.

Distinctively classic and in many ways familiar, their sumptuous psych pop is awash with a craving for adventure, to escape the confines of mundane existence. According to Taylor, the track came about very organically, as he explains: “The idea for the song just popped into my head one evening. It was about a time, when I was feeling stuck and at a dead end. It is sad, but at the same time uplifting and hopeful.”

‘Never Too Soon’ will be released on 25th March via Sexx Tapes, alongside b-side ‘A Blip On The Radar’. The release is available on digital download and limited edition cassette tapes here.

For more on Tin Foil Astronaut, head to Facebook and Twitter.

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