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ECHOS found each other and have never looked back. Like a joining of two lost souls, they meet in the middle and form an equally powerful duo. Headstrong they may be, but boring they will never be. Everything they do is emotionally led and at the risk of sounding obvious, they have forged a unique and distinctive approach to their music. One that is sure to take them far in this industry. And by the sound of the haunting siren call of their new single ‘Tomorrow’, it’s impossible to avoid the truth – ECHOS are trailblazers.

Pristine and crisp production forms the basis for the track to reach its skyline heights. While lead vocals rest in the capable hands of Lexi Norton, she sumptuously twists her words with a crystalline focus, driving the beating heart of the track forward. Alongside her partner Tal Richards who matches her soaring melancholy, as he delivers gorgeous backing harmonies from the ether.

The duo would like to leave us with one lasting thought:

“When you’re in love, I think some people would rather be lied to than let down. Everything ends – tomorrow always comes.”

‘Tomorrow’ is out now on Seeking Blue Records.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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