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Many Things About…WYLDEST

Ethereal, spellbinding, and forward-looking are the attributes of which London trio Wyldest have fully grasped within their sweet sonics. With the highly anticipated release of their debut EP ‘Dark Matter’ heavy in the air and a huge headline show at Dalston’s Servant Jazz Quarters next week. We had to take the opportunity to grab a few moments with the band, to get into their heads a little more in our fun fact round.

1. Our drummer Jack was recently spontaneously crowd-surfed by strangers in an old man pub in Dalston.
2. We (Zoe and Holly) went skinny dipping before a gig in Brighton last winter; our clothes were still wet for the show.
3. Zoe is a quarter Indian thanks to Grandpa Melville.
4. Zoe’s car, which diligently carries the band and all our gear around, is the same age as Holly.
5. Our live bassist Paul has his own brilliant project called Night Games (he was also resident DJ at the Marquis Of Lansdowne in Dalston once upon a time).
6. Jack’s girlfriend answers 999 calls.
7. Holly was actually in a professional steel drum band called Sounds Of Steel.
8. Zoe and Paul’s favourite food is mashed potato.
9. Bobby Gillespie’s dog once bit Holly on the face; they’re still friends.
10. Zoe was in a conversation with David Attenborough earlier this year but was too star-struck to say anything.
11. Jack once cycled from Southampton to Milton Keynes for no reason.
12. Jack doesn’t have Facebook.
13. Zoe tried-out for S Club Juniors and got down to the last 30; her parents had to take her to Cardiff 3 times. She still thinks she could have been Frankie from the Saturdays.
14. When Holly was a kid she played an eel in a school play.
15. Zoe used to have pet rats called Florence and Marylin.
16. We’re massive Peep Show fans and came 4th out of 25 in a quiz recently.
17. Zoe used to play hockey for the South of England and represented Wiltshire Youth for Gymnastics; now she just jumps around like a chicken.

Wyldest headline Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on Monday 21st March, for tickets head here.

For more on Wyldest, head to Facebook and Twitter.

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