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TRACK OF THE DAY: Charlie Cunningham – ‘Blindfold’

London-based singer/songwriter, Charlie Cunningham reminds us that there is beauty in understatement. His distinctly British touch is intertwined with the Latin flavours of the sun-baked region of Andalusia, sculpted from the years he spent living there. His newest offering ‘Blindfold’, lifted from his third EP ‘Heights’, takes his delicate introspection and rhythmic style to new soaring levels.

On ‘Blindfold’, Cunningham challenges a heavy mindset, tasked with the troubles and dramas of day-to-day life, he offers solace to those who need it, advising that: “If it follows you around, if it’s dragging you down, and you’re giving it more than it brings, you can re-arrange everything…nothing is ever-lasting, it’s just passing.”

It is artists like Cunningham that make musical expression worth investing in. He offers up a serene space, in which, we all as listeners can take a breather from what the world throws at us, and a platform for where we can soak in all the wisdom that he delivers.

‘Blindfold’ is taken off the new EP ‘Heights’, out 8th April via Dumont Dumont.

Photo Credit: Alex De Mora

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