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The force is strong in Leeds indie poppers VITAMIN. The band continue to churn out perfect doses of sparkling intent with each new release, and on current single ‘This Isn’t Love’, the foursome propel their pop train to even greater heights than ever before.

The video for the single, which can be viewed below, explores the rough and tumbles of young love, depicting the innocent and fragile nature of adolescent relationships. With each band member playing a character in the story, we enter the ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ where love doesn’t necessarily reign triumphant. The clip shows the band’s light-hearted nature, as well as touching on the deeper resonance behind the lyrical content of the song.

Undoubtedly, ‘This Isn’t Love’ is one of their most hookiest tracks to date. Surging with potent melody, cutting vocals and buoyant guitars ensuring that even the most reserved will be up, moving and grooving on the dance floor.

‘This Isn’t Love’ is out now, buy it on iTunes here.

For more on VITAMIN head to their Website, Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte Holroyd
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