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TRACK OF THE DAY: Westerman – ‘Harvard’

London-based, singer/songwriter Westerman, inspired by the time he spent in rural Tuscany, began to notice that his writing had taken on another form. A lightness of touch and resonating depth struck his melodies and his words, leading to the formation of his plaintive debut single ‘Harvard’.

While his words are wistfully sung and depict a carefully crafted snapshot of life, albeit one of the cornerstones of growing up. There is something unusually uplifting about the way that Westerman approaches the thought of an ending, lilting that ‘Everybody’s coming back from Harvard / Everybody’s coming back for good’, he peruses its melancholy but makes the sentiment linger through its ambiguity. Before reaching a thoughtful end with some emphatic whistling.

‘Harvard’ is out now. Buy it on iTunes here.

Westerman Links: Facebook . Twitter

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