Yellow Days is George van den Broek – a writer, producer, artist. Now, our mailbox gets filled up with a lot of new music every day so for something to cut through all that noise, it has to be special. And hearing Yellow Days for the first time sealed our opinion straight away, enough that we had to talk about it.

The raw, stripped back, scratchy recordings capture the intensity of an artist that has a lot to say. Coming straight from the gut, it is a refreshing and honest expression of the self. Showing a hint of the slouchy blues grooves of Palace, within a wash of reverb and bruised vocal cries. ‘My Own Way’ is Yellow Days most strident move yet – listen, love, embrace it. 

There will be a Yellow Days EP dropping in March.

Catch up with Yellow Days on Instagram here.

Charlotte Holroyd
A lover of music and cinema. Constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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