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Many Things About…JOEL BAKER

Re-invention is always good. It brings about a new way of thinking, it pushes creativity to the forefront and more importantly for the artist, it re-invigorates them. This is true for Joel Baker, the soulful singer has always been drawn to two different worlds.

His love for folk music and the natural expression which comes along with that, and the Hip Hop / RnB world. Both allow him to lay his emotions bare and be instinctually genuine with his words and thoughts. But with the release of his new Hip Hop inspired mixtape ‘Bran Flakes Vol. 1’ it introduces us to a new side of Joel, one that he’s been craving to share with us for a long time. 

Listen to the full EP below, and read on for some random and interesting facts from Joel…

1) I bought a copy of HearSay’s album when it came out thinking it would be worth thousands one day.
2) I have eaten fish & chips in David Cameron’s office.
3) I got into hip hop thanks to Luke Radford loaning out dozens of gangster rap CDs from New Basford library. 
4) After hearing Ben Howard’s album for the first time I deleted all the songs I’d wrote on my computer because I didn’t think they were good enough anymore. 
5) I play ‘park the bus’ tactics on Fifa. 
6) I go to KXC on Sunday evenings.
7) My all time favourite film is The Motorcycle Diaries.
8) Abbey Clancy follows me on Twitter. 
9) I discovered this year that I’m extrovert after all. 
10) “Freedom” is my favourite word in the dictionary. 
11) Me and my brother are equally matched at every competitive sport in the world.
12) A week after the Ella Eyre tour, I got a placement in a school as a TA. Ella came on the radio. I told the teacher I’d just been on tour with her and she told me I was crazy and if I “go sort out the play dough  that would be great”.
13) Me & Christina Milian secretly have a thing and we should just go ahead and admit it.
14) Jo knows my pre gig routine is to disappear 2 minutes before my set time for about 10 minutes.
15) I’ve just seen a guy that looks the spitting image of Steven Avery in Teddington in a blue three wheeler. Plot twist? 

Joel Baker’s new EP ‘Bran Flakes Vol. 1’ is out now. He will also be headlining London’s Servants Jazz Quarters on Monday 25th Jan, for tickets head here.

Joel Baker Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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