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TRACK OF THE DAY: October Drift – ‘Syrup’

October Drift’s recent influx of new material has been keeping us on our toes. The band continue to show us new sides to their musical tapestry. ‘Syrup’ is the new cut, a dramatic rolling deluge of pent-up emotion and gentle swaying rhythms.

As lyrically, the song explores a search for identity, the anxious backing of jittery beats, coiling guitars and atmospheric gloss echo back this sentiment in volumes, desperately trying to reach for an answer.

The band explain that the track is “about waking up to that moment when you don’t quite know where you are, or even who you are, and the crash back to reality as things start to come back to you.” To me, this reads as either, the resulting aftermath of a really great night out or something indeed, that is quite resounding and life defining. I’ll leave it you to come to your own verdict.

‘Syrup’ is the b-side to new single ‘Robots’ which is available now to buy here.

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