EP REVIEW: Chastity – ‘Tape’

‘Tape’ is the new 4-track release from Canadian alt-punk group Chastity. I heard first track ‘You’re Scary Now’ a bit in advance of the rest of the EP, and was all set to remark on the linearity of this track – in neither a negative nor positive way, just noting an interesting departure from the normal song structures we’ve become accustomed to hearing. However, within the context of the full EP this makes a lot more sense.

In an age when so much more emphasis is being put on singles as oppose to bodies of work, Chastity have managed to craft a cohesive whole, in which the removal of any of the 4 tracks would damage the effect of the others surrounding it. The individual songs all feel to me like movements within a continuous story.

The first three tunes get progressively more and more manic; the previously mentioned, ‘You’re Scary Now’ is like an arrow being pulled taut in a crossbow, a slow and considered start building towards the release of following tunes the driving, spiky ‘Manning Hill’ and the caustic punk thrash of ‘Saliva’. Final tune ‘Nevermind, Lucifer’ is the aftermath, a cross bow bolt vibrating slowly in a log as the energy of the opening trio dissipates, aptly described as ‘reflective and eerie’.

Considering the impressive amount Chastity have managed say in such a short time on ‘Tape’ (the whole EP lasts less than 10 minutes) I won’t drag this out, although it does feel like there’s much more to say about one of the most interesting releases I’ve heard recently- this however can be saved for whatever they spring on us next, for which I personally am already excitedly waiting for.

Fans of the likes of Quarterbacks, Horse Party, METZ and Wand have got to sit up and take note of Chastity for sure.

‘Tape’ is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula.

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