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Flashback to the end of 2014, and like every year that’s coming to a close, a sense of anticipation and possibility looms around every corner – what’s coming next? Where will the next year take us? But before the year was even out, we were hearing glimmers of something big. Something epic from a young Glaswegian singer named KLOE. It wasn’t just synth-pop that sparkled and shined with promise – but it had attitude. Her words stung like venom and landed with a sweet touch.

Now we are introduced to ‘Touch’ – the last in the trilogy, according to KLOE. A sultry love note, verging on the mischievous, that picks up where ‘Feel’ left us, all those months ago. The minimal production allows KLOE’s storytelling to take the spotlight, and for her baby-doll voice to lead, hiding that little bit of a darker edge under all the bubblegum sheen. It’s slowburn will have you hooked immediately before the last resounding refrain ‘one touch and I’m in love’ is purred.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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