London’s Storms combine the best of the 90s to create a sound that is utterly addictive and forthright in its attack on the senses. Abrasive, grungy guitars swirl with melodic Brit-pop, choruses soar and verses croon. Storms latest release ‘Shame’ is a stomping, virile beast – taut and swaggering with sass. It’s a hell of a statement.

We caught up with the band to get to know them that little bit better, we talk about the early days, their musical loves and more.

Did music choose you or did you choose music? Was it always the dream job? 

George: I guess music chose me. I can’t really do anything else so it’s never really felt like I had a choice. Job? Isn’t a job something where one gets paid? [laughs] 

Felix: I think I probably chose music. There was a girl I really fancied when I was about 13 and she told me she really liked guys with long hair, so I started growing my hair and then my mum bought me a Doors album because she said we had the same hair, and then I got a bit obsessed with Jim Morrison. After that I just wanted to be in a band.

What was the first instrument you learned to play? 

Felix: I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 9 years old. No one else in my family is a musician, I can’t remember why I wanted to start playing. 

George: I learned how to play the Trumpet when I was like 6. 

What does music mean to you? 

George: I think it’s safe to say a world without music would be a much duller place. OK, there would be no Mumford & Sons or Gary Barlow, but imagine no gigs, no clubs, no music festivals, no music in film even? At the risk of sounding banal or cheesy, music is my life. My life revolves around music. 

Felix: Yeah, it means a lot. It’s astonishing how some music can affect you. It can help you through a break-up or motivate you to be productive or just bring people together. My favourite thing about music is the feeling after I’ve written a song I’m really proud of, it’s amazing.

Where did you play your first gig? 

Felix: At a club under St Matthews church in Brixton when I was 16. I was the singer in this sort of classic Rock band. 

George: I played my first gig in a pub on Camden High Street called Tommy Flynns. I believe it’s called The Beatrice now. 

What has been the definitive record that has made the most impact on your life? 

George: There’s just so many. I think my Mum & Dad bringing me up on the likes of The Kinks, Stranglers, Stones, Lou Reed had a massive influence on my life. But I think it has to be one of the first two Oasis albums because as soon as I got into them I knew I wanted to be a lead singer of a band when I grew up. 

Felix: I think more than anything else probably the first Doors album. I’ve definitely listened to that more than anything else. 

What is your earliest musical memory? 

George: It was probably when I was about 5 or 6. When my Dad would pick me up from school, him and his mate Steve would get their guitars out and sing Rock n Roll songs. I would always join in and jump around playing the harmonica. Fun times! 

Felix: I remember dancing round my living room to Bat Out Of Hell when I was 5 with my two brothers on this farm I used to live on up north.

Who is your favourite songwriter? 

Felix: David Bowie

George: Ray Davies. I’d love to write like him. So observant and witty, genius. 

If your music was a person, what would its personality traits be? 

Felix: I’d like to think our music isn’t a person, but a piece of everybody. 

A song lyric that means a lot to me is… 

Felix: “I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form, “Come in” she said “I’ll give ya shelter from the storm.” Bob Dylan 

George: “Grow my hair, I wanna be wanna be wanna be Jim Morrison”. Just kidding, that should’ve been yours Felix! [laughs] I’ll go with a different Thom Yorke lyric, “I’ll drown my beliefs, to have you be in peace.” Great line! 

A song that describes my current mood/frame of mind at this time is… 

Felix: “Say It Ain’t So” Weezer 

George: “Cockney Rejects – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”…. My football team West Ham only beat Arsenal 2-0 away on Sunday didn’t we?!

The band’s new track ‘Shame’ is out now, buy it on iTunes.

Storms Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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