MY LIFE IN MUSIC: Sienna Chorus

As the name alludes, the music of Sienna Chorus is rich and vibrant interlaced with majestic choral harmonies. Their songs are written as if they were screenplays of classic black and white movies, imbued with understated introspection and romantic gesture, stylishly delivered in epic cinematic form.

We caught up with the band’s frontman, Josh, to talk about his early years, his musical loves and more.

Did music choose you or did you choose music? Was it always the dream?

I guess it was a bit of both. I’ve always had music in my life but I don’t think I realised it was what I wanted to do until I was started playing in a band. Some guys saw me singing in a school play when I was about 14 and asked if I’d sing for them. As soon as we started writing and performing our own music I knew that was it. 

What was the first instrument you learned to play?

Embarrassingly it was the flute. My brother played the piano and guitar so my options were pretty limited. I used to sneak into his room and play his guitar when he wasn’t home.

What does music mean to you?

Such a big question. I guess it means everything to me. I’d be lost and bored without it. 

Where did you play your first gig?

Rockers Live in Taunton. It wasn’t great.

What has been the definitive record that has made the most impact on your life?

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie. 

What is your earliest musical memory?

Listening to the Stranglers when I was a kid. My parents had one of their records on vinyl and I used to make them play it over and over cause I loved it so much.

Who is your favourite songwriter?

Very tough question but I guess it would be Paul Simon or David Bowie. 

If your music was a person, what would its personality traits be?

I think it would be an emotionally sensitive, honest type who doesn’t hide who they are. A bit shy but confident when they need to be. 

A song lyric that means a lot to me is…

“Kathy, I’m lost” I said but I knew she was sleeping. I’m empty and aching but I don’t know why.” 

from America by Simon and Garfunkel. 

A song that describes my current mood/frame of mind at this time is…

In Dreams – Roy Orbison

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