Ireland is picturesque with its sprawling hills and vast landscapes. So you might say that the music which is spawned there would also emanate the same attributes, this would be true of Armagh-born Conchúr White and his band, Silences. Their delicately strung and beautifully told musical tapestries behold an honest reflection of our emotional capacity to fear, love, breakdown and rebuild again.

A crippling fragility lies within singer Conchúr’s voice. His vulnerability is brave, like a shining beacon guiding us through their world. Each song surrenders to an understated melodic charm, gently cooing in rich, swelling indie textures and wielding remarkable grace. Silences prove that there is great power in understatement and sometimes we just need to appreciate its wonder.

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Charlotte Holroyd
A lover of music and cinema. Constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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