ALBUM REVIEW: Prides – ‘The Way Back Up’

Prides are a band that we have cherished ever since they stepped out perfectly formed in the summer of 2013 with their début offering ‘Out of the Blue’, and from then on it’s been hit after hit of seemingly too good to be true synth pop bangers. And with the release of the Glaswegian trio’s first full length, it is clear that Prides are a band of impeccable skill and talent.

The album treats its listener to a cornucopia of pop delights from the very first hit of twinkling synth on ‘I Should Know You Better’ through to the all-out belter of ‘Messiah’ which proceeds, instantly you just know you have found an album that will take you through the rough times and you’ll come out the other side stronger and more resilient than ever before.

The Way Back Up offers a collection of self-empowering and touching moments with tracks like ‘Just Say It’ and ‘Higher Love’ taking the lead. One of the most stunning moments on the album comes in the form of piano ballad, ‘The Kite String & the Anchor Rope’ it grounds the record in heartfelt tenderness. It’s a song that reveals a softer side, to the otherwise non-stop euphoria that has come before it. Adding a distinct sonic flavour to the album, Prides demonstrate their impassioned love affair with the 80s on tracks ‘It’s Not Going to Change’ and ‘Let It Go’ proving that what may be gone is not forgotten.

The Way Back Up has it all. Explosive choruses, that easily turn into all-day sing-a-longs, heart-on-sleeve emotional outpourings and bounds and bounds of punch-the-air, limitless energy. It’s almost too good to be true how much power this album can give you.

The Way Back Up is out now on Island Records. Buy it here.

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