WATCH: Flyte – ‘Closer Together’

Where most bands tend to be overly excessive when it comes to putting their creative visions into motion and creating their visual aesthetic. Flyte insist on exercising restraint and the audio visuals for their new single ‘Closer Together’ is a gleaming example of this. The end product is a charming, nonchalant look into the bands personal lives. Told through a photographic montage of intimate polaroids, strewn together from their day-to-day life.

‘Closer Together’ is a funky number that uplifts as much as it yearns for familiarity with another. Flyte have a precocious desire for melody, never have I come across a Flyte song that doesn’t make you want to move in some way or leave you humming its melodies long after you heard it and that’s why Flyte continue to ride a wave of perfectly polished pop songs.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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