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Within Hollow States lies a deep complexity. A mind tasked with exploring the human condition and the world around them. We are introduced to the stark reality that plagues the thoughts and feelings of Hollow States, tempered with mild mannered alt-pop melodies that both haunt and sway with emotional intensity. Hollow States provide an alternative way for self-expression within the confines of contemporary music and we can’t help but get lost in their beautifully troubled sounds.

I caught up with the trio to talk more about their music, live set and their hopes in general. Read on for all the insight…

I think when we learn more about the origins of a band and how they came to be, we begin to understand the music and the whole concept surrounding the band much better. So, how did Hollow States come to be – when did you all come together and decide that you wanted to start the band?

Joel: Hayden and I are brothers and we’ve been working on music together for years. We heard Huck’s voice and instantly knew we wanted to start a band with him. We’ve been making music together now for about a year.

Huck: Hayden and I had a heap of mutual friends and ended up meeting over a social media platform. I had just moved house at the time and needed to borrow a hard drive, so I put a call out on Facebook and Hayden answered it…turns out I’d just moved about 10 doors down from him! I went over and he made me a taco and we got on instantly…he even let me take his Polaroid.

What inspired the band name? Was it something that just stuck and instantly fit with the musical ethos of the band?

Joel: I was sitting on a bullet train in Japan looking at all the scenery and that name just popped into my head. I mentioned it to Huck and Hayden and we all agreed that it fit well with the band.

When it comes to laying down the tracks in the studio, what’s the process like?

Hayden: We’ve generally got everything organised before we head in to the studio. Once in the studio it’s all about getting the best performances and the most interesting sounds. Something unplanned and unexpected seems to always come out in the performances  – these are usually the best takes.

How long do the studio sessions usually last for?

Hayden: It’s usually about 2 or 3 days per song. We’d love to one day stay in a house away from the city for several weeks and just write and record an album.

Are you fans of being in the studio or do you prefer to be out performing live?

Hayden: I love performing but my favourite part of the process is writing music. Coming up with new ideas and thinking about how to realise them is a very rewarding process.

Joel: I really enjoy the challenge of the studio but also love performing. That and sitting on fences.

Huck: I love them both for different reasons…But when it comes down to it nothing compares to the thrill of being on stage. I like connecting with people.

How do the songs come to fruition? Who usually comes in with the initial idea and how does that grow into what we hear on record?

We always start with the music; we’ll jam and then once we hit upon an idea we like we’ll develop it until we’re happy then we’ll write a melody. Once we’ve got the right melody and the overall structure of the song down we’ll write lyrics to fit the mood of the music.

What are each of your roles within the band beyond the music?

Huck: I feel like I play mediator a lot haha, brothers bicker ya know? But it’s all in good fun. Joel to me is the wise and pragmatic one, I’m a bit more loose and social…while Hayden is definitely this shy reserved quiet genius.

You’re still only just starting out in Australia as a band but looking ahead to the future, you will want to take this global, I’d assume? Where is the No. 1 place you’d like to visit and perform?

Joel: I would really like to do a European tour one day.

Hayden: A show in Berlin is definitely my dream!

Huck: I’m keen for anywhere really. I just long for travel. New York and London are two places I’d really love to play.

With it being just the three of you, you must be a pretty tight unit. What have you learnt about each other and from each other, since you started the band?

Hayden: I’ve definitely learnt to compromise and that it’s ok if everything isn’t perfect.

Huck: It had been a really long time since I’d played in a project with other people, I think it’s definitely taught me to compromise also, but with Hayden and Joel being well trained musicians unlike myself, it has really raised my bar technically and taught me a lot about perseverance.

Joel: I think I’ve learnt that everybody works in their own way and that it’s best to be accommodating to that if you want the best results.

What’s a live show like for Hollow States?

Huck: Emotional, intense with a dollop of comedy whacked in for good measure.

Australia’s music scene is pretty special, in my opinion. Who are you listening to at the moment that we need to know about?

Joel: I’m really enjoying Andy Bull’s latest album at the moment. Hiatus Kaiyote are pretty special too.

Huck: Montaigne’s debut release is awesome, also really looking forward to hear what Ginger and Drum get up to next.

We’ve loved everything that you’ve released so far, the real question is when is the next release going to be out and what will it be?

Thank you, and thanks for your support! We’ll be putting out a single and film clip in a couple of months time.

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