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TUUSC are unlike other bands, in that they like to go against the norm. They can be anyone and anything, with the exception of one key visionary, the man who brought this vision to life: Matthew Aldus. Basically the ethos is “that creativity should come from all angles and so Matthew likes to describe Tuusc as an ever evolving line up with one constant being him.” TUUSC make atmospheric slices of monochromic alt-pop. Intricately arranged, deeply rooted in emotion and vast in ambition.

Beauty emanates outwards from each heart-wrenching touch of Aldus’ searing falsetto, each resounding thud of piano, each reverb-laden guitar symphony and each delicate throb of percussion.

TUUSC have great power over spacious soundscapes: simple, soft but immensely profound. TUUSC weave their powers, not dissimilarly to of the likes of The XX or Ben Howard, showing constraint in their compositions, but still allowing space for growth and experimentation. An enveloping combination that’s both heart-renderingly epic and immensely serene, cleansing the soul like an aural balm. 

Stream the latest track ‘Truth or Dare’ from TUUSC below. Purchase the track here.

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