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LISTEN IN // Port Isla ‘On the Road’ Playlist

Port Isla just wrapped up a second stint on the road with James Bay, the tour saw them playing to a sold-out crowd at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, now if that’s not a memory to treasure than I don’t know what is? To celebrate the bands new single ‘A.L.I.V.E’, and lets face it, their inherent taste for good music (one listen to their dressing room playlists will confirm this). We caught up with their drummer, Henry Kilmister, who talks us through some of Port Isla’s must-listens when they are out on tour.

The War on Drugs ‘Red Eyes’

“When you’re bored on the motorway and watching the road go by, nothing works better than sticking the War on Drugs record on. Its an album you can get completely submersed in and an hour can go by in an instant.”

Fleetwood Mac ‘The Chain’

“Cos who doesn’t enjoy this record?! Its great to put on the speakers for everyone to listen to, just the perfect pop music. The Chain has a little bit of everything.”

Jon Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal’

“Perfect for late night travel when you’re a bit woozy but not wanting to sleep! I remember listening to this while driving back from Somerset at 2 in the morning, whilst staring at the cats eyes on the road, its was weirdly trippy! Such an awesome album.”

Imogen Heap ‘Climb to Sakteng’

“For when you need a few quiet minutes to yourself. I put this on whilst I have my in ear monitors in, so there’s no background noise. I find it really soothing and love how it sounds like so many different genres of world music all at once.”

Ben Howard ‘I Forget Where We Were’

“Another great soothing record, the lyrics are so full of imagery that I think I can really relate to. All the ambient guitar sounds are so pleasing on the ear, and when the drums kick in you really feel the full texture.”

Will Smith ‘Gettin’ Jiggy With It’

“For when you want to pump yourself up in the dressing room, have a little dance about and loosen up! I think this song has been played pretty much every night in all of our recent tours.”

Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’

“Because everyone loves Taylor Swift; there’s no hiding it anymore!”

Five ‘Keep on Movin’

“After we’ve finished our vocal warm ups, we need something fun to sing and this has pretty much become our staple!”

Neil Young ‘After The Gold Rush’

“I rarely find myself listening to music after the gig, but for some reason I put this on the other night and it just reminded me of how much of a genius Neil Young is. It’s such a simple song but his voice is just incredibly delicate and moving.”

The ‘A.L.I.V.E’ EP is out May 24th and available to pre-order on iTunes now:

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