EXCLUSIVE // Broken Hands walk us through their Silver Landing Program

Broken Hands live show is about escapism. The band don’t just take us on a sonic journey but a sensory one. We tracked down the bands vocalist Dale Norton to tell us more about what to expect from their space-inspired live spectacle.


The show at Electrowerkz London on the 31st will be a ‘Silver Landing Program’ night. ‘Silver Landing Program’ is a term we use when preparing a venue in our own way.

This consists of covering the whole venue in silver insulted safety blankets with aim to take the crowd out of the normal smaller venue experience and bring them onside with themes in our music: Flight, Space and Substances. We want people to feel like they are in a capsule with us and forget about the world outside the venue doors. People have compared previous shows to going to a gig in a flight simulator, a space station or a drug farm. It can be whatever you want it to be!

The Silver blankets themselves work great in a couple of ways. The first is that it intensifies the strobes from our lighting rig (run by Dave Hardstone, our keys player) and second is they reflect 70% of the the natural body heat in the room back at the inhabitants. It leaves you feeling Dazed and Very warm. Gets the blood going y’know.

Electrowerkz is the biggest venue we would have rolled this show out into, so we have bought Military grade Parachute Panels that we have attached the blankets to in advance, its taken 5 of us 1 week as something like 364 square meters of wall needs coverage . Its been a lot of fun, we get a real kick out of doing something different, surprising the crowd and putting on a show!

Broken Hands play London’s Electrowerkz on 31st March and Brighton’s The Haunt on 24th April with Demob Happy. For tickets and more info head to the band’s website: http://www.brokenhands.co.uk/
Broken Hands Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter
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