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TRACK OF THE DAY: Kolo Tamam – ‘Room Innate’

Manchester collective Kolo Tamam are probably the most sonically experimental band that have come out of Manchester since Everything Everything. Their latest musical tapestry is mind-bending to say the least. Adventurous and flavoursome with indulgent rhythmic progressions and deep canyon-like grooves, ‘Room Innate’ is a must listen.

Melodically fascinating, and dynamically intricate. The band command entrancing swirls of guitars with seeping bass lines, glitchy electronics, fluid keyboard refrains and gentle rolling hits of percussion, all of which is draped around vocalist Iain North’s captivating lull.

Like their contemporaries, Alt-J and Glass Animals, Kolo Tamam craft bold, textured soundscapes that remain brilliantly abstract but still accessible. It’s the mark of a band whose status should be considered no less than genius.

Stream ‘Room Innate’ below.

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