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There has always been a fluidity to the rhythms that Fyfe constructs and a visual element to his craft. Harnessing that raw power and might, Fyfe is finally ready to unveil his début LP, entitled ‘Control’, on 9th March.

Fyfe’s alternative pop is elegant and romantic, it bathes in glorious creativity and composure. His songs weep and rejoice in beautiful synchronicity, interlinking the swell and crescendo of his melodies with his emotive vocal croon. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece, a fine work of art.

Why did you choose to put your music out under a pseudonym? 

“I find pseudonyms mean a sense of separation between me as a person and my music. Obviously it is still me making the music but celebrity culture doesn’t sit that well with me, and I would like people to be able to enjoy my music for music’s sake.”

Do you find that because there is a little mystery between you and your audience with your name being out there but it not being the focus that it helps to keep your personal life separate from your professional life?

“Yes definitely, I would consider myself a very normal person even though the job I have is slightly unusual.”

Your previous project, David’s Lyre, earned you a lot of respect and notoriety. Fyfe is a completely different project, but do you ever find any old habits or writing inspirations from your David’s Lyre days creeping in from time to time?

“I’m the same person as I always have been – obviously I’m a bit older and have learnt a lot but I’ve never tried or desired to reinvent myself. One thing I’ve consciously tried to do is simplify all my processes.”

Do you feel that what you learned about the business from your time with David’s Lyre, in any way influenced how you approached Fyfe?

“Realistically there is no way it couldn’t have influenced it. David’s Lyre was a really positive experience for me especially in terms of understanding the industry more.”

You strike me as a perfectionist. When was the moment that you said ‘Right, that’s it. The album is done!’? How did it feel in that moment?

“In all honestly I think most artists could tweak things infinitely so timelines drew the album to completion more than anything else. Having said that there was a moment before that where I knew I was really happy with it and that felt good.”

How long did the album take to make from conception to completion?

“Probably about 2 years.”

Are your songs all wrote from personal experience?

“The album is a real mix between personal experience, observations of others and completely invented narratives. Most songs are actually a mix of all three.”

There’s a melodic complexity to each of your songs. When it comes to laying the tracks down, how do you decide on the arrangements?

“I really love harmony and melody so doing that and also rhythm are my favourite parts of writing. A famous American mix engineer called Michael Brauer said that you should never make any changes unless it affects you emotionally. I try not to think too much in the studio and instead trust how it makes me feel.”

What was the first song to be finished for the record?


When it comes to songwriting, do you regiment periods of time away for it or do you just write when an idea comes?

“Unless I’m having to write for a deadline (which I try to avoid) I never force myself to write as I think it’s ultimately unproductive.”

Let’s talk about artwork. The visuals for all your previous singles and for ‘Control’ are all very powerful and striking. Who came up with the initial idea for them? Is there some kind of meaning behind the visuals?

“I had done a shoot before where I had white paint on my face and neck and used those images to launch Fyfe. I wanted to continue that theme but also to progress it so I researched artists who use faces and skin as the canvas. After finding a lot of images of children with butterflies on their face I found an amazing artist called Sophie Derrick. All the images since have been the result of the collaboration between us.”

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