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TRACK OF THE DAY: Wonderful Humans – ‘Just What I Needed’

It may be chilly outside but Wonderful Humans have come up with a plan to beat the bitter cold that’s been plaguing us this winter, and it comes in the form of their new track ‘Just What I Needed’. When you have Wonderful Humans blasting out of your speakers, it’s never a dull day. They make life more radiant with their unique brand of vivacious synth pop.

Now we know Wonderful Humans can write good pop songs from the heart, and make those workings vibrantly anthemic with an aggressive passion, but after one listen to their new track ‘Just What I Needed’ it’s clear that their ascension to pop royalty is rapidly gaining more momentum by the minute. 

Gliding and sparkling with an effervescent shine, ‘Just What I Needed’ is pure pop perfection. The band have said that the track is about “the uncertainty of what we want out of relationships” but it’s the message of conquering that fear that prevails, with an unwavering sense of courage, you take that leap of faith and jump right in. Echoing the lyrical sentiments, the melodic build is fearless in its ascent to anthemia. Strutting with groove-laden guitar lines, tropical-infused synths and a vocal that latches onto your heartstrings, tugging and cooing with an emotive passion, until there’s nothing left to do but completely falter to its charm.

‘Just What I Needed’ is taken from their much-anticipated début EP, due out in the spring. 

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