Vivid, visual and poignant. Aisha Badru is a storyteller that will take you right to the heart of her soul with the power of her voice and the stroke of her pen. The young New York singer/songwriter released her début EP entitled ‘Vacancy’ a couple of days ago.

The EP title alludes to a spacious void of openness, which the sparse production provides, but nevertheless, Badru’s songs are anything but vacant. Emblazoned with a passionate candour that will cut you to the bone with it’s bold honesty and brave truths about heartbreak. From the very first listen to ‘Vacancy’ it’s easy to fall into her world.

‘Navy Blues’ is the epitome of heartache, ricocheting in full force like a heavy blow to the head. It’s the most powerful track on the EP, one that will leave you cowering on the floor in tears, as Badru softly sings out: “I fell right on my face / your infectious love charade”. It’s songs like these that are truly the reason why I will never get over the defeating power of a songwriter baring their innermost feelings to a complete stranger. The sincerity and overbearing honesty will never not strike a chord. 

‘Vacancy’ is available to purchase from bandcamp.


Aisha Badru Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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