We were devastated to hear last year that The Civil Wars decided to call it a day, now even though the hurt is still there, I’d say Brighton’s Paper Hawk pretty much help to ease that pain. If the duo were to pass the baton onto any band, I’d say Paper Hawk are the perfect candidates. They are the missing piece of the puzzle. They may only be playing songs in their bedroom at the present moment in time, but watch this space, anything can happen if the right ears listen. And with the promise of a debut EP, due out in April, we can only hope that it gains the attention it deserves.

Folk music is like a golden arrow, painfully bitter, it hits like a heavy blow and pierces deep but it’s as sweet as day and wonderfully life-affirming. Paper Hawk adhere to this sentiment sharing with us compositions that proudly bare a passionate and striking honesty with a sincere hand-on-heart approach. The folk trio are a new find of ours, but we’re absolutely gushing with excitement after taking one listen to ‘Trails’ they combine the storytelling prose of The Lumineers with the soaring harmonic euphoria of Bear’s Den, the haunting vocal caress of Daughter along with a little melancholy and the rich melodies of Fleet Foxes. I don’t think it can get any better than that, can it?

There may only be three original songs from the band that floating around the ether at the present time but with each little piece of sonic delight, the band showcases their inept ability to paint pictures in your mind, while at the same time stopping you in your tracks with their jaw-dropping vocal harmonies and arrangements. It makes it really hard not to fall deeply and madly in love with this band.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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