INTRODUCING: Winter 1982

When a songwriter can fit the term ‘pathetic fallacy’ into a song and give it meaning, then I think you’re onto a winner. Birmingham alt-folk duo Winter 1982 have done exactly this with their song ‘Friend’. Having lovingly crafted music that sings out with a joy and a pain this is both perfectly imperfect and thoroughly compelling, we couldn’t be happier that this band are now on our radar.

From the bluesy ‘Can’t Get No Sleep’ to the lush folk-pop nous of ‘Friend’, Winter 1982 offer the perfect musical remedy to a lazy afternoon or a dull, grey day. As you know inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. In a self-made video the band talk us through their songwriting process, saying that a lyrical idea is often sparked by a life experience, whether that be places they’ve travelled to, people they’ve met or something more personal.

It all boils down to that sacred human connection: a thought, a feeling, a passing glance in the street, whatever it may be or however it happens, it couldn’t be more real or effecting. And that’s why songwriters draw on these moments. Winter 1982 have demonstrated real skill in getting to the nitty gritty of an emotion, making it so easy for the listener to fall into the lyrics and live in the sentiment.

The band are already being recognised for their powerfully, haunting music by BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio to name a few, and with songs of this calibre, there’s no saying where it will lead them in the coming months. But all I know is, they’ve captured our attention.

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