EP REVIEW: The Twoks – ‘First Light’

The Twoks are Xani Kolac on electric violin/vocals and Mark Leahy on drums, they recently released their new EP ‘First Light’. An EP that we can only describe as the perfect answer to pop bliss.

The Twoks finely tread the space between indie and the mainstream, accomplishing a sound that is both fresh, stylish, vibrant and solely their own. Opening with the eponymous ‘First Light’, we are immediately hit by the duo’s signature sonic dramatics. A driving rhythm which is only made more glorious by Kolac’s violin playing. The track effortlessly mixes classical elements with simple pop hooks.

Latest single, ‘Hey’ is a song that has the immediacy and power of a high speed train, a groovy track that will make you want to get up and dance all night long. Next up is ‘Hold On’, a track that is as light and breezy as a summer’s day. ‘Hold On’ is arguably, the duo’s most full band sounding track, a song that feels like it could have been wrote for a Haim album. It’s ambitious, it’s strong, it’s confident and it’s sassy.

‘Step Slide’ takes a slower pace than the other tracks, following a slightly more mechanical arrangement, we weave in and out of vocal runs and end up in a place of glistening euphoria. Closing track, ‘My Place’ is obnoxiously energetic, springing to life in a colourful fashion, it spreads the word of self expression.

On ‘First Light’ The Twoks deliver pristine pop with an intelligence and an immediacy that could rival the best of today’s contemporary pop artists. But what truly marks The Twoks as special is their undeniable charm, the fluorescent spark they have. What I would call a ‘zing’ – the passion for the music they create, their exuberant enthusiasm for their craft and the utterly joyful end product that we hear.

‘First Light’ is a sonic pleasure from start to finish.

Track Listing: 1- First Light, 2- Hey, 3- Hold On, 4- Step Slide, 5- My Place

The Twoks Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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