Brighton’s The DuBarrys have been on a roll recently, after unveiling the magnificent first track ‘Undress Your Soul’ from their forthcoming début EP. They’ve followed it up with ‘Lilly’ – a slight change of pace from the gentle demeanour of their previous release but still as visceral and powerful.

What makes The DuBarrys music so meaningful is their fondness for writing songs that are personal and emotive, which is the key to connecting with the listener. No matter what the subject is, personal stories will always strike something in someone because of that raw emotion and conviction that the artist brings to the delivery of the song.

This song feels like it’s come at the perfect time, as the the night’s grow longer and the day’s get shorter, there’s this sense of fleeting time. Which is echoed by the track’s emblazoned sonic colour and warmth. It’s just what we’ve been craving. That sweet nostalgia mixed with an urgent passion, resonating harmonies and soaring guitars. ‘Lilly’ is a rush of autumnal hues and rich melodies from start to finish.


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Charlotte Holroyd
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