WATCH: The Durutti Column & Caoilfhionn Rose – ‘Free From All The Chaos’

Let all your worries melt away and relax for a moment with the new release from Manchester band The Durutti Column featuring guest vocalist, Caoilfhionn Rose Birley.

The video, filmed by Rich Williams, traces the footsteps of vocalist Caoilfhionn Rose and her grandmother as they wander the grassy plains of Fletcher Moss, the inspiration behind the song.

It’s a time for contemplation and deep thought, though you may also find your mind wandering away to someplace else – daydreaming of places from your past, places where you would like to go, places that hold great significance to you. Not many songs have the power to completely stun and bewilder the listener but ‘Free From All The Chaos’ definitely does this.

The fleeting rays of sunshine cast over the grassy plains intensifies this feeling of serenity and happiness that echoes throughout the song. Fluid, sweeping camera work grazes the rolling landscapes, bristling the tips of the Poplar trees. This video is a work of art: simple, heartfelt and powerful. It exemplifies the beauty and magnificence of nature, while Caoilfhionn’s gentle lulling vocal and nostalgic tone warms the heart.

‘Free From All The Chaos’ is taken from The Durutti Column’s latest album ‘Chronicle XL’ out on Kooky Records.

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