In Conversation with…PORT ISLA

I caught up with Port Isla last weekend at Bingley Music Live, where the band played their last festival of the summer. They took to the stage mid-afternoon and drew one of the largest crowds with the sun beaming down onto the stage, Port Isla provided the soundtrack to equal the happiness we were all feeling.

At the core of Port Isla is simple yet deeply engrossing lyricism, lush harmonies and a soul rollicking passion for a euphoric and infectious melody. What was clear from Port Isla’s set was that they can unite any crowd in the sweet revelry of music in under 30 minutes.

The band toured with George Ezra earlier this year and have just announced a support slot with James Bay this November. I can’t stress enough how important that is that you see them at this point because next year, you know, they’ll be playing much bigger stages and headlining their own tours. Why not join them for the journey now and do yourself a big favour. 

Port Isla are Will Bloomfield (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Willem Olenski (bass), Henry Kilmister (drums) and Stanley Spilman (lead guitar).

Port Isla Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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