INTRODUCING: Morning Smoke

Brighton four piece, Morning Smoke may not be new kids on block, but they are a fresh and exciting young band that have just come to our attention, so of course that’s why they have made our introducing section. First things first, Morning Smoke are not your typical cookie-cutter band, they have spice and real ambition.

The title track from the band’s mini-album ‘In Euphoria’ is a shining example of their distinct passion for both delicate introspection and sheer melodic noise, which creates a tension of sorts on the ears, but prompting a good “wow, I didn’t expect that” type of reaction. Take the breakdown of ‘In Euphoria’ for example, the track opens to a serene solo piano and vocal before descending into a rip-roaring reverb explosion of guitars, drums and bass, leaving utter carnage in its wake.

It’s like waking up from a dream and then being plunged head first into a icy cold bath, refreshing and unnerving the same time, yet Morning Smoke have a way of turning this into something strangely comforting and very satisfying.

We have a good feeling about this band. Stream the full mini-album here.

Morning Smoke Links: Facebook . Twitter

Charlotte Holroyd
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