I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Kolo Tamam by the always delightful Sofar Sounds. Offering the intimate crowd a rare stripped backed performance with only two out of the six members present, equally the set proved as mesmerising and lyrically powerful as they are in full form.

Their band name, Kolo Tamam, derives from the Arabic saying ‘All’s OK’, which the band loosely translated to ‘Everything’s Cool’. This Manchester-based sextet embrace intricate arrangements and atmospherics wholeheartedly, akin to the majestic sounds of Alt-J. With new single ‘Mesophase’ the band have established that they are one’s to watch, the driving force being their penchant for experimentation. Finely crafted almost tribal beats dance in unison with feathery guitar riffs, streamlined bass and whoosy percussion, creating a wondrous patchwork of alt-pop.

‘Mesophase’ establishes a band that have the ability to both enlighten and move an audience with their poetic lyricism and glacial yet earthy melodies. The band’s finesse and penchant for creation will hopefully see them gracing much bigger stages (and audiences) in the future.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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