EP REVIEW: Jacko Hooper – ‘For You’

Brighton singer/songwriter, Jacko Hooper has released his début EP ‘For You’, a collection of stunningly rich, acoustic folk songs that pull at the heartstrings and whisper intently to your soul.

The gentle stirring rhythms of ‘Egg Shells’ introduces us to a world of dusky, grandiose acoustic musings. Hooper’s ability to turn even the most heart-wrenching situations into something of beauty and poetry is remarkable, making his music feel both intimate and expansive, particularly with single, ‘Egg Shells’. Hooper’s vocals manage to remain both innocent and affectionate while still owning that control, making it impossible not to get swept away by his vocal prowess. 

‘November 5th Song’ is about gaining self-confidence to speak your mind, a very positive message to learn, as the track warms and flourishes with melodic turns, so does Hooper’s confidence. Hopefully by the last note you will feel empowered and ready to take on the world. ‘November 5th Song’ resonates with its listener and cries out for action “if you feel it, then feel it and share”.

To me, this track screams out to be featured on a film soundtrack, it’s warm passionate fury of intent and the gentle caress of Hooper’s honey-like vocals stir something in the listener. It’s gentle grandeur feels like it’s that ‘realisation’ moment at the end of the film where the protagonist realises they were so wrong and race to make it right, usually ending up in an airport somewhere confessing their love for someone.

It’s Hooper’s confessional and honest lyricism that really speaks volumes and is his winning quality, like his contemporaries, Ben Howard and Bon Iver have established with their music. Jacko Hooper has the same innate ability to speak to people’s hearts and bring out the joy’s and the sorrow’s in day-to-day life, his masterful ability to project his feelings with such articulation cements exactly why he has the potential to be an artist that has longevity.

The hypnotic lure of ‘Run Away With Me’ painfully cries out for that someone to “run away with me now…if you will not, what else is there to say?”. This hand on heart sincerity won’t be satisfied till your curled up on the floor and sobbing uncontrollably for that someone to reciprocate that love back. Hooper’s conviction and rousing vocal makes the uncertainty of the situation even more bittersweet.

‘For You’ doesn’t just lay its beating heart on the line for all to inspect, but Hopper lets everyone into his world. We are put into an intimate position, there are no boundaries between us and the words that Hooper is singing. It is clear that Hooper pours very bit of himself into his work, giving the EP a sense of purpose and most importantly, of humanity. ‘For You’ is not only meant to be heard, it’s meant to be felt, to be embraced, to be cherished.

‘For You’ isn’t an EP for one single moment in your life, it is an EP for life.

TRACK LISTING: 1- Egg Shells, 2- November 5th, 3- Run Away With Me, 4- Roaming (Live)

‘For You’ is out now on vinyl and mp3 download via One Inch Badge Records.

Jacko Hooper Links: Facebook . Twitter

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