Kent’s new musical export, Cass, are an exciting prospect. A band that are shaking the very musical foundations that they have built with the combination of melodic indie and a bit of spoken word, they are sure to get you moving in no time.

So far having only released a total of three tracks, that make up the ‘Sitting EP’. It’s still early days for Cass, but that’s not to say what they have shared with us isn’t of the highest quality. Cass have only shown us just a glimmer of what they are capable of. The tracks reveal a maturity and a sophistication to the band’s sound and songwriting, which is  rare to come across from a new band.

Cass stride confidently in their musings, particularly with track ‘Sitting’. A subtle melodic soundscape draws your attention to the track’s fine lyrical content “She’s says to me, Rhys can’t you see you’ve made it awkward? // I don’t know my heart but I don’t like your face no more”. ‘Sitting’ is lauded with confessional, potent remarks about a relationship that is on the rocks, ‘Sitting’ reflects on the pairs unravelling bond with a gleeful conviction. ‘Crash’ with it’s melodic fire and somewhat hopeful optimism “my love, we’re never gonna burn out” is a charming force, richly textured percussion and guitars giving the track a rhythm that won’t let up, enough to get you moving your feet. 

‘120’ takes on the heavy and controversial subject of drug use, yet it’s unusually upbeat and candid with a heavy groove laden bass line that takes the track to new places. Cass’ street savvy lyrical sensibilities, akin to that of Jamie T, coupled with a slight romanticism gives the band an undoubtable edge and with the recent development of the band taking their first steps on to a stage, things can only get bigger and better for Cass, we hope.

To listen to the ‘Sitting EP’ in it’s entirety head here, and to everyone’s delight all the tracks can be downloaded free. Fantastic.

Cass Links: Facebook . Twitter

Charlotte Holroyd
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