WATCH: VYKTORIA – ‘The Hunt’ (feat. The Artist Taxi Driver)

Manchester newcomers VYKTORIA dropped their début single ‘The Hunt’, earlier this month. After playing their first gig in the city at the legendary Night and Day Cafe.

VYKTORIA’s distinctive blend of infectious dance-worthy guitar rock incorporates elements of new wave and post-punk to create what they call ‘futuristic rock n roll’. ‘The Hunt’ is a track that easily will set any indie disco alight with a fury of rampant, raving party heads. Like their contemporaries, The Killers and Editors, have done before them VYKTORIA clearly have their sights set on big crowds and arena stages. The video is a steely-eyed monochromic, lavender-hued dream, the perfect visionary palette to accentuate the track’s throbbing pulse and anthemic dance heartbeat.

What VYKTORIA have established with ‘The Hunt’ is a level of sophistication beyond the limits of what we would normally expect to hear from a début single, cementing why they are not simply ones to watch but ones to fall in love with.

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