EP REVIEW: dressmaker – ‘Glass’

London’s dressmaker will make your jaw drop as they proudly reel out the title track from their début EP ‘Glass’ and from that moment on let their hold just graze over you, don’t fight it just go with the flow.

dressmaker have been raking up the comparisons to trailblazers and stalwarts of the genre, My Bloody Valentine and Jesus & Mary Chain, to just be mentioned alongside those legendary names it’s not something one just throws around. Listening to their début effort it comes to light that this band have something really special to their name, they are not only makers of rhythmic noise but a band that have something to say – something meaningful.

A surge of newfangled, dressed-up guitar riffs isn’t what you’ll hear on ‘Glass’ but a musical soundscape that is vast as it is atmospheric, an ample dose of reverb-soaked feedback to all-out raucous noise and undeniable guiltless passion that flutters in every drum beat, and every slur. The very essence of this band is shrouded in monochromic gloom. At times ‘Glass’ purrs mild and timid but beware when let loose, they ROAR. I would say it’s like a car coming into contact with a steamroller, mangled and broken, unable to defend itself, it is defeated and lying dead on the floor. dressmaker are a post-punk psych rock dream.

With ‘The Future’, dressmaker set out on a rampage on the ears and won’t let up till they’ve blinded and dulled the senses in a lush, manic drone-like rush. ‘We Breathe’ takes an unexpected respite from the unstoppable mania of the following tracks and comes in tightly with psych spun post-punk rhythms. Though it itches for that final breakdown of sonic fury, it doesn’t quite make it, but with the mammoth 7 and a half minute EP closer, ‘Skeleton Girl’ they finally achieve that.

It’s safe to say with ‘Glass’ dressmaker don’t want to just win your heart, they want to steal it right out from your beating chest. The EP is primed with an austere sense of savagery, it showcases a band of accomplished musicians and a band that surely have the power to maintain that illusive longevity. 

dressmaker are heading out on a small UK tour in July in support of the EP, for more info on where they’ll be heading, see list of dates below:

15th July – Power Lunches Arts Cafe, London

16th July – 13th Note, Glasgow

17th July – Bannermans, Edinburgh

18th July – Wharf Chambers, Leedx

19th July – The Gifford Arms, Wolverhampton

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